Report from ECCAIs General Assembly August 29, 2012

ECCAI, the European Coordination Committee for Artificial Intelligence, held its yearly General Assembly yesterday at ECAI in Montpellier. ECCAI consists of 29 member societies, including SAIS. Two of its most important activities are arranging ECAI and publishing AI Communications.

Highlights of the meeting are:

  • Patrick Doherty, Linköping University, is the new President of ECCAI. The General Assembly elects the board and the board then elects one of its members as President.
  • ECAI 2016 will be held in The Hague. They had strong competition from Moscow and Trondheim.
  • ECCAI and IJCAI has agreed to organize a joint IJCAI/ECAI conference every fourth year starting in 2018.

ECAI 2014 will be in Prague.

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