Report on the Dagstuhl seminar on AI and CI in games

Back in May, some of my colleagues and I arranged a seminar at the Dagstuhl castle in Germany on “Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games”. It was quite an honour to be invited to organise a meeting at such a prestigious venue, especially as there aren’t that many of us working on AI in games. Yet. In any case, the meeting went very well, and really helped the 36 attendants to reach something like a joint vision about what the field is all about and where we are going. We organised the meeting into a number of workgroups, each including a handful of people discussing the state of the art and future research directions for a particular topic, such as pathfinding, player modelling or content generation.

The first outcome of the meeting is now available. It’s a “Dagstuhl Report”, or essentially a collection of abstracts:
We are working on a longer edited volume, where each workgroup will write a 10-15 page chapter. However, that will not come out for a few months. In the meantime, if you are interested in what goes on in AI applied to games, feel free to have a look at the seminar report!

About togelius

Associate professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. I work on game AI, procedural content generation, player modelling and evolutionary computation, but also maintain an interest in broader questions of artificial and real intelligence.
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