IJCAI/ECAI 2018 in Stockholm

It is my great pleasure to announce that IJCAI/ECAI 2018 will be in Stockholm! This will be the first joint IJCAI/ECAI conference. The background is that starting next year IJCAI will be a yearly conference and every forth year there will be a joint IJCAI/ECAI in Europe. It is also the first time that IJCAI is hosted in the same city twice.

This is a great opportunity for SAIS and for AI in Sweden!

Please join in the work and help us make this both a great event and more importantly a common goal for the Swedish AI community to show what we have done and what we can do. To achieve this we especially have to get more interactions with companies using AI-related technologies. If you work at such a company or know of such companies please let me know.

Fredrik Heintz
President of SAIS

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