SAIS 2019 Master’s Thesis Award

This year we received 5 high-quality nominations. The theses were reviewed by three SAIS board members each, and the board has now made its decision.

The winners of this year’s award are:

Jesper Jönsson and Emmy Sjöstrand, Lund University

With the motivation:

The award goes to Jesper Jönsson and Emmy Sjöstrand, Lund University,
for their thesis entitled “Cell Image Transformation Using Deep
Learning”. The thesis was performed at a company developing digital
microscopes. In this context it is important that the digital images of,
for instance, blood cells are of high quality and that they look as they
would in a traditional microscope, regardless of the digital microscope
used. The thesis explored several methods using deep learning,
conditional GANs and circular GANs, to transform images from one system
to another. The results show much promise and will be used by the
company in the future. The results also have a great future potential as
a building block to solve several other fundamental image classification
and image recognition problems. It is hence a thesis studying a very
relevant AI problem, and a presentation of it at the SAIS Workshop will
provide great insights for further discussions, especially among
researchers working in the areas of image recognition, segmentation, and

The thesis can be found at:

We hope to see many of you at the SAIS workshop in June where the winning thesis, as well as last year’s winning thesis, will be presented!

Best regards,

the SAIS board,
through Eva Blomqvist

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