SAIS 2010 Invited Speakers

Joint invited speaker of SAIS and SweConsNet
Helmut Simonis
CPTV - Generating Personalized TV Schedules

Today's cable and satellite systems provide a multitude of TV viewing
choices for a user, making it difficult to select the best program to
watch at any one time. Digital video recording and IPTV add even more
options, allowing to time- and sometimes place-shift TV watching. CPTV
is a system which generates a personalized viewing schedule for a
user, integrated with his current calendar tools. The system is based
on three main elements: a rule based system to express viewing
preferences, a content-based recommender system to suggest films based
on past viewing selections and information extracted from Wikipedia,
and a constraint-based scheduler which plans and schedules recording
and viewing schedules around existing events and availability time
periods of a user. The application thus combines different AI methods
in one Web-based application, and is implemented using the constraint
logic programming system ECLiPSe.

Invited speakers of SAIS
Patrick Doherty
Recent work in delegation and cooperative robotics

Christian Guttmann
Advancements of AI in Healthcare

Anna SĂ„gvall-Hein
Achievements of AI in Linguistics