SAIS 2010 Accepted Papers

The SAIS 2010 Proceedings contain the following papers:

  • Malin Bjornsdotter, Simon Beckmann, Erik Ziegler and Johan Wessberg. Using AI to interpret BI: machine learning for decoding and characterization of brain activity patterns
  • David Gil and Magnus Johnsson. Supervised SOM Based Architecture versus Multilayer Perceptron and RBF Networks
  • Fredrik Heintz, Jonas Kvarnstrom and Patrick Doherty. Stream-Based Reasoning Support for Autonomous Systems
  • Rasmus Bååth and Birger Johansson. Making a map-making robot: Using the IKAROS System to Implement the Occupancy Grid Algorithm.
  • Ahmed Mosallam, Athanasia Louloudi, Naresh Marturi, Victor Hernandez and Pieter Janse. Integration of the Nao Robot inside a Smart Home
  • Jonas Kvarnström. Planning for Loosely Coupled Agents using Partial Order Forward-Chaining
  • Eva Blomqvist. Ontology Patterns - Typology and Experiences from Design Pattern Development
  • Ulf Norinder, Henrik Boström, Ulf Johansson, Cecilia Sönströd, Tuve Löfström, Elzbieta Dura, Ola Engkvist, Sorel Muresan and Niklas Blomberg. The INFUSIS Project – Data and Text Mining for In Silico Modeling