List of accepted papers

Some of these papers will only be presented and will not appear in the proceedings (on the authors' request).

  • Slawomir Nowaczyk, Rune Prytz and Stefan Byttner. Ideas for Fault Detection Using Relation Discovery.
  • Jayalakshmi Baskar, Helena Lindgren, Dipak Surie, Chunli Yan and Farahnaz Yekeh. PERSONALISATION AND USER MODELS FOR SUPPORT IN DAILY LIVING
  • Juan Carlos Nieves, Helena Lindgren and Mauricio Osorio. Managing Inconsistent Possibilistic Knowledge Bases by An Argumentation Approach
  • Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum and Peter Funk. The 3 CDSSs: An Overview and Application in Case-Based Reasoning
  • Edgar Alonso Lopez-Rojas and Stefan Axelsson. Money Laundering Detection using Synthetic Data
  • Helena Lindgren, Farahnaz Yekeh, Jayalakshmi Baskar and Chunli Yan. Designing Agent-Supported Assessment for Personalized Ambient Assisted Living
  • Masoumeh Mansouri, Federico Pecora and Alessandro Saffiotti. Maintaining Timelines with Hybrid Fuzzy Context Inference
  • Jacek Malec, Anders Bj√∂rkelund, Klas Nilsson, Pierre Nugues and Herman Bruyninckx. Knowledge for Intelligent Industrial Robots (Position paper).
  • Uwe K√∂ckemann, Federico Pecora and Lars Karlsson. Towards Planning With Very Expressive Languages via Problem Decomposition Into Multiple CSPs
  • Lia Susana D.C. Silva-Lopez and Lars Karlsson. Interleaving Configuration Planning and Action Planning