Erik Sandewall receives ECCAI Distinguished Service Award

Erik Sandewall, Linköping University, receives the inaugural ECCAI Distinguished Service Award for his extraordinary contributions and outstanding service to the Artificial Intelligence community. The award was handed out yesterday at ECAI in Montpellier.

“Erik Sandewall can truly be considered as a pioneer and ambassador of Artificial Intelligence in both Europe and internationally with both a research and distinguished service record well known to several generations of researchers in AI. In Erik, we see a unique example of a cutting edge scientist and out-of-the-box thinker that has not only contributed to the area of Artificial Intelligence through many seminal research contributions, but also spent tremendous amounts of time promoting AI in Europe and elsewhere and contributing his ideas and competences generously to many other research groups in Europe in an effort to promote the science and success of AI. This has been done in a professional and selfless manner and in our opinion, we believe he is an ideal candidate for receiving the ECCAI Distinguished Service award.”
From the nomination by ECCAI Fellow Patrick Doherty and SAIS.

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