SAIS Best AI Master’s Thesis Award 2016

The SAIS board is happy to award Frej Knutar, Uppsala University, the 2016 SAIS Master’s Thesis Award, with the following motivation:

The award goes to Frej Knutar for his thesis entitled “Automatic Generation of Assembly Schedules For a Dual-Arm Robot Using Constraint Programming”. The thesis is well-written and of high quality, and it presents a highly relevant practical application of constraint-based models for the task sequencing of a two-armed robotic manufacturing cell. The solution is guaranteed to avoid arm collisions. It is also cyclic, meaning that one arm can start the next assembly while the other arm i finishing the previous one, which results in a high throughput. The solution is related to a real-world problem where such scheduling is currently most often done manually, which requires highly skilled engineers and takes anywhere from days to weeks to complete, while the proposed solution will complete within a matter of hours.

The thesis report is available here:

The thesis was presented at Uppsala University, and nominated by Pierre Flener, who also supervised the thesis. Industry supervisor at ABB was Johan Wessén.

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