AI debate in Almedalen, Gotland, Sweden: When will robots take over politics and media?

On July, 6, there will be an interesting AI Seminarium (in Swedish) / AI Seminar (in English) about robots in politics and media at Almedalen, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

(date, time & link: 6/7, 2016 10:30 – 12:00 AM,

The Almedalen Week (Almedalsveckan) is an annual event taking place in Almedalen, a park, in the city of Visby on the Swedish island Gotland. With speeches, seminars and other political activities, it is considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics. During the week, representatives from the major political parties in Sweden take turns to make speeches in Almedalen.

AI debate: Society’s AI issues in relation to media/journalism
At this event, the conversation will be about how politics, journalism and society at large is affected by artificial intelligence (AI). Dialogue and conversation are created in the public sphere where people meet and share thoughts and opinions. But how will politics, journalism and society at large be affected by AI’s entry on the scene?

Expanded description of the social question (Society’s AI issues)
AI becomes increasingly more intelligent. Already today AI is creating basis for reports, articles and news reports faster and more accurately than any human can handle. What happens when robots and programs generates a new kind of insight? How are our values, our ethics changing and what are they? And how will the public debate? Meet some of Sweden’s foremost connoisseurs of AI’s discuss AI’s impact on society and journalism and their thoughts about the future.

Key Note Speaker: Matthew Waite, a professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and founder of the Drone Journalism Lab.

Also meet the NAO robot. He is 4 years old, born in France and raised in Sweden. He likes football, cooking and doing research on robots. Presented by Fredrik Löfgren, robot developer and Fredrik Heintz, associate professor of computer science at Linköping University and chairman of the Swedish AI Society.


Olle Häggström, author and Professor of Mathematics, Chalmers
Antje Jackelén, archbishop, Swedish church
Claudia Olsson, Associate Faculty Singularity University and CEO of Exponential Holding AB, Singularity University
Fredrik Löfgren, robot developer, Linköping University
Fredrik Heintz, associate professor of AI, Linköping University
Helena Giertta, editor, journalist
Martin Jönsson, editorial development manager, DN
Ginna Lindberg, foreign editor and moderator, Swedish Radio

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