SAIS Best AI Master’s Thesis Award 2017

The SAIS board is happy to award Thomas Rosenstatter, Högskolan i Halmstad, the 2017 SAIS Master’s Thesis Award, with the following motivation:

The award goes to Thomas Rosenstatter for his thesis entitled “Modelling the Level of Trust in a Cooperative Automated Vehicle Control System”. The thesis introduces a trust system that allows an autonomous vehicle, in this case a car, to make more reliable and robust decisions by taking into account current information about its context. The system evaluates the current situation and generates a trust index, indicating the level of trust in the environment, the vehicle itself, and other vehicles surrounding it. This work was partly evaluated as part of the winning team in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016. The thesis addresses a topic that is timely and of high practical relevance in today’s AI community. The thesis is well written and has the potential of both impacting future research in the field, and practical applications. Presentation of the thesis at the SAIS workshop will surely create some interesting discussions.

The thesis report is available here:

The thesis was presented at Högskolan i Halmstad, and nominated by Slawomir Nowaczyk, who also examined the thesis together with Antanas Verikas. Supervisor was Cristofer Englund.

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