SAIS Master’s Thesis Award Winners at SAIS Workshop 2019

At this year’s SAIS workshop, in Umeå, we had the pleasure to listen to two presentations from both the SAIS AI Master’s Thesis award winners from 2018 and 2019.

First out was Sólrún Halla Einarsdóttir, the winner of best AI Master’s Thesis 2018, who presented her thesis “Theory Exploration on Infinite Structures“. In her presentation she presented her work on extending the theory exploration system Hipster, using the extension with the Isabelle theorem prover. In her presentation she demoed the implementation and discussed the evaluation that shows the usefulness of the new theories generated. Congratulations, Sólrún, for great work and a great presentation!

Next, was the presentation from our 2019 winners, Jesper Jönsson and Emmy Sjöstrand, with the winning thesis entitled “Cell Image Transformation Using Deep Learning“. In their presentation they introduced the problem of image transformation that they have addressed at the company Cella Vision AB. In their thesis they evaluated a number of different techniques to transform images, originating from different types of microscope cameras, into images looking exactly as a medical analyst would expect them to look, e.g., with respect to colors and level of detail, as if it was coming from a traditional microscope. Congratulations to Jesper and Emmy for their interesting and useful results, as well as for a great presentation at the workshop!

We now look forward to next year’s award – if you have some really good Master’s students presenting their work during 2019, don’t forget to nominate them for the award in 2020!

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