Winner of the SAIS Best AI Master’s Thesis 2022

This year we received 6 nominations, which were all reviewed by several SAIS board members. After the review process, one thesis stood out, receiving the highest ranking by the reviewers:

The SAIS Best AI Master’s Thesis Award 2022 goes to Gustavo Teodoro Döhler Beck for the thesis entitled “Wavebender GAN: Deep architecture for high-quality and controllable speech synthesis through interpretable features and exchangeable neural synthesizers“, conducted at KTH.

The thesis is in the area of speech generation and presents a novel architecture for controllable speech generation, and evaluates it showing impressive results. The thesis is well written, with a thorough discussion of related work, interesting discussion of results, and in addition covers aspects such as ethical considerations. A paper based on the thesis has been accepted at the 2022 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, further establishing the substantial research contribution made by the thesis.

We hope that the thesis will be presented at the SAIS workshop 2022 (see:, in Stockholm in June.

Congratulations to the winner, and a big thanks to everyone who nominated a thesis!

The SAIS board,
through Eva Blomqvist, SAIS secretary

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