The Winner of SAIS best AI Master's Thesis award 2006

We are happy to announce that the winner of the Swedish AI Society's prize for best AI Master's Thesis 2006 is Germán Gonzalez, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The title of the Thesis is "Kinematic tracking and activity recognition using motion primitives" and the supervisor is Magnus Boman from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm..

The motivation is: For a research contribution in the area of perception related to the recognition and tracking of human activities in a video stream. The contribution has significant and important applications ranging from the sport and entertainment businesses to security and surveillance systems which are all important contemporary research areas related to artificial intelligence.

The submitted theses were read and evaluated by the SAIS board collectively. A combination of four criteria based on maturity of content, scientific value, writing style, and relevance of the content to the AI topic area, were used to determine the winner. All submitted theses this year were of very high quality although some fell short on one or more of the criteria.

A special honorary mention goes to "Projekt Neuronnätverk" by Anna Back, Katja Helmin, David Johansson, Sofia Johansson, and Mattias Nilsson, ABB Industrigymnasium, for supporting the teaching of neural networks at the high school (gymnasium) level by developing a set of laboratory exercises with student and teacher guides in Swedish. The work was supervised by Göran Wikingson.

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