The Winner of SAIS best AI Master's Thesis award 2007

We are happy to announce that the winners of the Swedish AI Society's prize for best AI Master's Thesis 2007 are Boris Schäfer, the University of Skövde, and Jie Luo, the Royal Institute of Technology.

The title for Boris' thesis is "Detached tool use in evolutionary robotics" and the supervisor is Nicklas Bergfeldt, the University of Skövde. The motivation is: For an impressive thesis about embodied cognition which takes a theory about the development and evolution of tool use and evaluates it using an empirical approach.

The title for Jie's thesis is "Incremental learning for Adaptive Visual Place Recognition in Dynamic Indoor Environments" and the supervisor is Harko Verhagen, the Royal Institute of Technology. The motivation is: For an excellent thesis enhancing the adaptability of robot localization systems by applying learning to vision based place recognition.

The submitted theses were read and evaluated by a group of expert reviewers. A combination of four criteria based on maturity of content, scientific value, writing style, and relevance of the content to the AI area, were used to determine the winner. All submitted theses were of very high quality but the two chosen stood out when evalating all criteria.

A special honorary mention goes to "Projekt Fuzzy Logic" by Katarina Carlsson, David Gustafson, Per Lenander, Anders Lundbäck och Hanna Sahlin, ABB Industrigymnasium. They have contributed to illustrating Fuzzy Logic and its possibilities for high school students. We should like to encourage this initiative that hopefully can increase the knowledge and interest in Fuzzy Logic and its many application areas among high school students. Hopefully the students that have carried out his work will continue to study Fuzzy Logic and use it in practical applications also when they have graduated from ABB Industrigymnasium.

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