The Winner of SAIS best AI Master's Thesis Award 2009

We are happy to announce that the winner of the Swedish AI Society's prize for best AI Master's Thesis 2009 is Robert Johansson, Írebro University. The title of the thesis is "Navigation on an RFID Floor" and the supervisor was Alessandro Saffiotti, Írebro University.

The motivation is: For developing the exciting and promising idea of using a grid of RFID tags buried under the floor as a physical memory in the environment. Since the approach has no notion of a global metric reference system, the robot does not need any self-localization to build a map and to use it for navigation. Hence, the approach can be applied to robots with very limited sensing and computing resources. The map building process is life-long and the partial map built by one robot can be completed or used by another one, without any need for explicit communication.

The submitted theses were read and evaluated by a group of expert reviewers. A combination of four criteria were used to determine the winner: maturity of content, scientific value, writing style, and relevance of the content to the AI area. All submitted theses were of very high quality but the chosen thesis stood out when evaluating all criteria.

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